Video Games

During 2020, we all have found more time on our hands. (Well, most of us, some found less, thank you essential workers.) I have used a bit of that time to play games.

I mean I play video games a lot in general. My first video game was either hot shots fore or wwe 2006. I was very young, so I don’t remember which.

The story was amazing on both and hot shots had wonderful characters.

I eventually was introduced to crash and Mario. And had my own system I still have to this day. (Don’t have the Mario game sadly.) I still play crash however.

After being introduced to the sims, sims 2 for ps2 especially, I now have a lot of sims games (not all of them, I’m not rich and I like other games too). Video games helped me bond with a lot of people.

I enjoy the creative and strategy aspects of videogames along with bonding. Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies.

Why I Read to My Birds

This may sound extremly weird, but I tend to read to my pets. My birds seem the most intrested in this pratice.

This may be something they like because their previous owner didn’t read to them.

I noticed if I say picture, they will look up and view the picture. I find it cute. They now like to chirp if they expect a story.

It makes a great bonding experience and they seem to really be intrested in the books. And I get to read some with this deal so I enjoy it greatly.

I think this is a arrangement we all want to keep.

The Future

A lot of us fear the future. What if I don’t succeed? What if I do nothing with my life? Why haven’t reached this milestone, yet?

It seems in a way society relies on these fears. If you aren’t this or that, what will you be?

I’m not saying do nothing because it is pointless, but I am saying sometimes we get caught up in typical visions of success we miss our small mudane sucesses.

Sometimes, the little things are the big things.

Why I Believe in Predestination

Some people think things happen for a reason while some people do not. I do believe things happen for a reason and are planned out through the beginning.

Cause and effect are something we are taught about in school. If stuff doesn’t happen for a reason there would be no cause thus eliminating cause and effect.

Also, the butterfly effect. Ever heard that if you change one thing of the past, you will not have the same future. You are changing a reason something happened.

You can not have cause and effect without reason and you also cannot have reason without predestination.

We Can Do This

There has been so much dread. But, we are amazing humans and we can get very far. I wish people realized things will get better.

Regardless of issues, we have come very far. Stuff often has to get worse before it gets better.

Am I happy about 2020? No, who is? However, I refuse to let it get me down. It is millions of humans against 2020, and at the end of it all, the majority will win.

The Pizza

Pizza, melted cheese

In your mouth like a release

Peperoni covering the base

The top the best place

Pizza is amazing

Especially for eating

Sometimes waiting is best

And we all know the rest

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Bright Side of 2020

This post explains the good that happened in 2020

Even though 2020 was the year ofthe dreaded sickness. There has been some good in 2020.

Some reasons are, look how far we came. We have vaccines and people that verifies our medicine is safe.

We also are able to work together more than ever. There has been more election turn out than what it has been in a while and voting is starting to not be ignored.

We also are willing to fight for rights more. We aren’t ignoring it in a “Not my problem.” way.

Even though 2020 isn’t great. We are making progress. Slowly, but surely. The pandemic may be hiding the positives, but there are positives.

Lillard Legacy Gen 2

AN:Since Sims 4 is boring and there isn’t much to do, I went back to sims 3.

A meteor fell and took out all of the Lillard’s except one granddaughter, daughter of Channing, Mimi, she changed her last name to Perkins then survived through the hard times.


I am a handy, unflirty, evil girl who cares about animals and steals as a hobby.


I took up gardening so I can have food. I even read on it, some.


Lillard legacy 1.1

04-30-17_12-50-48 PM04-30-17_12-50-48 PM

I ate my sandwich upset Nathanial acquired custody of Lillian. He doesn’t even have a job but since I’m not at the house at night, when she is sleeping, I’m not a suitable guardian.

I did however, meet a great female who is also my wife. Tiffany Henley. Tiffany is transgender. I was a little shocked but, I accept it.

She did get me pregnant. So, I am expecting and I will get my daughter back.



Lilard Legacy 1.0

There may be some offensive language in this chapter. Be aware. It also contains some violence.

04-22-17_11-17-12 AM.png

Moving in with my husband and baby girl, Lisa was the right decision. The thing was though, my parents disowned me and banned me from talking to them again after finding out I was pregnant by a retard, in their words.

They didn’t like Nathanial. They described him as a buzzkill. “He brings you own, Brynlee, and now you have a child together.”

I should’ve listened.

04-22-17_11-32-54 AM.png

I love Lisa. She is my baby although, she is very clingy. I took advantage of that and taught her how to dance. Now she isn’t the greatest dancer. We have time to learn. I hope she ends up liking music like her mom.

04-22-17_11-35-29 AM.png

The whole town did come over to welcome us. However, Nathanial did not seem impressed when the whole town decided to dance with us.

04-22-17_11-41-56 AM.png

He proceeded to kick everyone out to my dismay. This wasn’t unusual.  He described it as my punishment for being bad. I watched some TV. Not that, that would change anything.

04-22-17_11-45-13 AM.png

He then drug me to Lisa’s room and went to punch me. I shielded my face. “How dare you! get the fuck out of my house and stay out! We are done!”

“We will never be done, and I will take that child with me.”

“Over my dead body!” I crossed my arms. “Enjoy the legal battle. You either don’t fight for custody or I press charges.”

“For what! Being the most fuck up there is. If you weren’t a fuck up of a wife and mom, I wouldn’t have to hit you! Enjoy the house, you’ll never find anywhere else.

I will find a house in a minute and when I’m done, Lisa won’t know who you are.” he stormed off.

This is going to be a fight.

I got a job so my income would have an advantage. This is going to be hard.